How dutyHR Began

Here's the story of who is behind dutyHR and how they came up with the idea.

In The Beginning

dutyHR is the brainchild of recruitment and business manager leaders from Australia's mining, manufacturing, and health industries. We have experience in recruitment as well as working with mining and health companies. This has given us a well-rounded view of what it takes to be a great employee and what sorts of things employers look for.

The Challenge

dutyHR was created because of the lack of direct connection between employers and job seekers as well as the inefficient communication options. Each of the founders experienced the same lack of access to both job markets as well as employers’ networks within our fields. There are many websites and agencies that act as a middleman, but we saw an opportunity to create a platform that would offer a direct connection. We believe that this will lead to better connections and more satisfied employers and employees. It also addresses the climb in hiring costs for businesses as dutyHR is a set conditions for access to potentially hundreds of opportunities.

The Solution

We wanted to create a platform that would streamline the process for both employers and job seekers. We are passionate about making sure that everyone has access to the right resources, information and support when it comes to finding or filling a role. We know from personal experience how difficult it can be to make the perfect connection between job and jobseeker. With over a decade of experience between us in recruitment as well as a range of qualifications including HR, Management and Project Management, we understand recruitment from every angle.

Our Mission

Our aim is to help job seekers in all industries find their dream job, and to help businesses find the employees they need to succeed. We believe that by bringing together the right people, we can create opportunities for everyone involved.